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Yingke LTD

United Kingdom|1-2 years|
Suspicious Regulatory License|Suspicious Scope of Business|Suspicious Overrun|High potential risk|


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Warning: Low score, please stay away! 3
Previous Detection : 2023-12-05
  • It has been verified that this broker currently has no valid regulation. Please be aware of the risk!
  • The United StatesNFA regulation (license number: 0556395) claimed by this broker is suspected to be clone. Please be aware of the risk!

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Yingke LTD · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Registered Country/ Area United Kingdom
Founded Year Within 1 year
Company Name Yingke LTD
Regulation NFA ( General Registration)
Minimum Deposit N/A
Maximum Leverage Varies depending on the instrument (e.g., 100x, 12.5x)
Spreads N/A
Trading Platforms HT5 trading platform
Tradable Assets London gold, Gold T + D, Paper gold, Physical gold
Account Types Real account
Demo Account N/A
Islamic Account N/A
Customer Support Email:
Payment Methods Bank cards (e.g., 银联卡, UnionPay card)
Educational Tools Economic Calendar, step-by-step tutorials, articles, webinars, local seminars

Overview of Yingke LTD

Yingke LTD is an unauthorized financial service provider based in the United Kingdom. Despite claiming to be regulated by the United States National Futures Association (NFA), it has been confirmed that Yingke LTD does not possess a valid regulation, and its regulatory status is considered abnormal. The company operates without proper authorization from regulatory authorities, which poses a significant risk to individuals engaging in financial transactions with them. It is advised to exercise caution and avoid this company due to its lack of valid regulation and the warning about a low score.

Yingke LTD offers various market instruments, including London gold, Gold T + D, Paper gold, and Physical gold. London gold allows bidirectional operations with a leverage ratio of 100 times, while Gold T + D has shorter trading hours and a leverage ratio of approximately 12.5 times. Paper gold and Physical gold only support one-way operations without leverage. However, engaging in any financial transactions with Yingke LTD is associated with a high level of risk due to its suspicious regulatory license and lack of trading software.

The company offers a single type of account, namely a real account, without additional variations or types available. Yingke LTD provides the HT5 trading platform as its trading solution. The platform is known for its simplicity in operation, flexible ordering system, and risk control functions. It also features clear and intuitive price icons, allowing users to easily interpret market prices. Additionally, Yingke LTD offers an Economic Calendar as a trading tool, which displays scheduled economic events and releases. This tool helps traders stay informed about upcoming market events that may impact various currency pairs and financial instruments.


Pros and Cons

Yingke LTD offers several advantages and disadvantages for traders to consider. On the positive side, the company provides market instruments primarily focused on gold, allowing traders to explore opportunities in this sector. They also offer leverage options up to 1:100, which can amplify potential gains. Another benefit is that Yingke LTD does not charge commissions, reducing transaction costs for clients. The HT5 trading platform provided by the company comes with educational videos, enhancing traders' understanding of trading concepts. Additionally, the Economic Calendar serves as a useful tool for staying informed about upcoming economic events. Yingke LTD also offers educational resources to further support traders' knowledge development. However, there are several drawbacks to consider. The company has a suspicious regulatory license, raising concerns about its legitimacy. The available market instruments are limited, which may restrict trading opportunities. Yingke LTD offers only a limited range of account types, potentially limiting clients' options. The payment methods offered by the company lack diversity, potentially inconveniencing some traders. Information on spreads is not provided, which can make it difficult for traders to evaluate the costs associated with their trades. Additionally, the terms and conditions for fund deposit and withdrawal procedures are not clearly outlined, potentially causing confusion or uncertainty for clients.

Pros Cons
Leverage up t 1:100 Limited market instruments
No commissions charged Limited account type options
HT5 trading platform with educational videos Lack of diverse payment methods
Economic Calendar as a trading tool Lack of information on spreads
Educational resources available Lack of clear terms and conditions for fund deposit and withdrawal procedures

Market Instruments

London gold: London gold allows for bidirectional operation, meaning traders can engage in both buying and selling. It offers full-day trading hours, providing ample opportunities for trading. With a leverage ratio of 100 times, traders can potentially amplify their investment gains. The capital investment required is relatively low, with only 1% capital investment needed.

Gold T + D: Gold T + D also enables bidirectional operation, but with shorter trading hours of 5 x 10 hours. The leverage ratio is approximately 12.5 times, allowing for increased trading potential. However, it requires higher investment levels, with 11% capital investment necessary.

Paper gold: Paper gold, on the other hand, offers one-way operation, allowing only buying transactions. It provides full-day trading hours and does not involve any leverage, meaning traders must rely solely on their invested capital.

Physical gold: Physical gold is another one-way operation instrument, specifically for long-term investments. It does not involve any leverage and requires high investment levels. Traders can only go long in their investment positions, and short positions are not allowed.


Pros and Con

Pros Cons
Bidirectional operation in London gold and Gold T + D Limited to buying transactions in Paper gold
Full-day trading hours in London gold and Paper gold Limited trading hours in Gold T + D
Leverage ratio of 100 times in London gold No leverage in Paper gold and Physical gold

Account Types

Yingke LTD offers a single type of account, which is a real account. There are no additional account types or variations available, providing a straightforward approach for clients who wish to engage in real trading activities with the company.

How to Open an Account?

To open an account with Yingke LTD, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website and click on the option “Opening a real account.”

  2. Fill in your personal information, including your name, email address, and ID number.

  3. Provide your mobile phone number for verification purposes.

  4. Create a password and confirm it.

  5. Upload a picture of the obverse and reverse sides of your ID card (file size should be less than 10M).

  6. Choose the system bank card type (e.g., 银联卡) and select the currency (USD).

  7. Enter your bank account details, including the account number and name associated with the account.

  8. Review the information you have entered.

  9. Click on the “Register” button to submit your account opening request.



Yingke LTD offers leverage options for certain market instruments. However, it is important to note that the leverage ratios vary depending on the instrument. For example, London gold provides a leverage ratio of 100 times, while Gold T + D has an approximate leverage ratio of 12.5 times. On the other hand, Paper gold and Physical gold do not involve any leverage, meaning traders must rely solely on their invested capital.

Fees & Commissions

Yingke LTD offers a transaction cost of 0 commission, meaning that clients do not incur any additional charges when conducting transactions. Furthermore, the company allows for the opening of both simulated and real investment accounts without any associated fees.

Trading Platforms

Yingke LTD offers the HT5 trading platform as its trading solution. The platform provides various features and functionalities to facilitate trading activities. It includes educational videos to enhance the users' understanding of trading concepts and strategies. The platform also offers immediate feedback, allowing users to receive prompt information about their trading activities.

One notable aspect of the HT5 trading platform is its simplicity in operation and flexible ordering system. Users can easily navigate the platform and place orders according to their trading preferences. The platform incorporates risk control functions, such as stop loss and profit, to help users manage and mitigate potential risks associated with their trades.

The HT5 trading platform emphasizes clear and intuitive price icons, ensuring that users can easily interpret and analyze market prices. Additionally, the platform boasts convenient installation and occupies a small amount of system resources, which can be beneficial for users with limited device capabilities.


Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Educational videos enhance understanding of trading Limited customization options for advanced traders
Risk control functions help manage potential risks Lack of advanced technical analysis tools
Limited integration with third-party trading platforms or tools

Trading Tools

Yingke LTD provides an Economic Calendar as a trading tool for its clients. The Economic Calendar displays a list of scheduled economic events and releases, allowing traders to stay informed about upcoming market events that may impact various currency pairs and financial instruments. The calendar includes information such as the date and time of the event, the currency involved, the level of importance or impact, as well as the actual, forecasted, and previous values.

For example, on Friday, June 30, 2023, the calendar provides details on several economic indicators from different countries. These indicators include Construction Orders (YoY) for the Japanese yen (JPY), Housing Starts (YoY) for JPY, Business Investment (YoY and QoQ) for the British pound (GBP), Current Account for GBP, and GDP (YoY and QoQ) for GBP.

The Economic Calendar allows traders to track these economic indicators and compare the actual values with the forecasted and previous values. This information can assist traders in making informed trading decisions based on the potential impact of these economic events on the financial markets.


Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Provides an Economic Calendar with scheduled economic events and releases Limited advanced trading tools available
Helps traders stay informed about upcoming market events

Payment Methods

Yingke LTD offers payment methods through bank cards, specifically mentioning the example of 银联卡 (UnionPay card). While no further details are provided about other specific payment methods, it can be inferred that clients can make payments and transactions using their bank cards.

Educational Resources

Yingke LTD provides educational resources in the form of step-by-step tutorials, informative articles, webinars, and local seminars. These resources helps equip traders with knowledge and insights to enhance their understanding of various trading concepts and strategies.


Customer Support

Yingke LTD provides customer support through the email address Customers can reach out to this email for any inquiries or assistance they may require.


In conclusion, Yingke LTD offers bidirectional and one-way operation market instruments such as London gold, Gold T + D, Paper gold, and Physical gold. They provide a single type of real account, leverage options for specific instruments, a transaction cost of 0 commission, the HT5 trading platform with risk control functions, an Economic Calendar as a trading tool, payment methods through bank cards, educational resources, and customer support via email. However, this broker offers limited trading instruments, payment methods, as well as account types, making it limited for clients to diversify their product portforlios and trading with their own perference.


Q: What market instruments does Yingke LTD offer?

A: Yingke LTD offers London gold, Gold T + D, paper gold, and physical gold as market instruments.

Q: What types of accounts does Yingke LTD offer?

A: Yingke LTD offers only a real account for trading activities.

Q: How can I open an account with Yingke LTD?

A: To open an account, visit the website, provide personal information, complete verification, and submit the account opening request.

Q: What leverage options are available with Yingke LTD?

A: Different market instruments offer varying leverage ratios, ranging from 100 times to no leverage.

Q: Are there any fees or commissions for trading with Yingke LTD?

A: Yingke LTD offers 0 commission for transactions and does not charge fees for opening simulated or real investment accounts.

Q: What trading platform does Yingke LTD provide?

A: Yingke LTD offers the HT5 trading platform, which is user-friendly, incorporates risk control functions, and provides educational resources.

Q: What trading tools are available with Yingke LTD?

A: Yingke LTD provides an Economic Calendar to track scheduled economic events and releases.

Q: What payment methods can be used with Yingke LTD?

A: Yingke LTD accepts bank cards, such as 银联卡 (UnionPay card), for payments and transactions.

Q: How can I contact customer support at Yingke LTD?

A: You can reach Yingke LTD's customer support by emailing

Broker Information

Company Name

Yingke LTD

Company Abbreviation

Yingke LTD

Regulatory Status

Suspicious Clone

Platform registered country and region

United Kingdom

Company website
Phone of the company










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Customer Service Email Address

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Oscar Walker
more than one year
Order execution was like a snail in a foot race, trades hanging about longer than forgotten items in a lost & found box. trading with it, you bet lose your money.
2023-10-10 17:45
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