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Marex Spectron

United Kingdom|15-20 years|
Regulated in United Kingdom|Market Making(MM)|Suspicious Scope of Business|Suspicious Overrun|High potential risk|


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+44 (0)20 7655 6000
Level 5 155 Bishopsgate London EC2M 3TQ
The WikiFX Score of this broker is reduced because of too many complaints!


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+44 (0)20 7655 6000

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Marex Spectron Group

Company Abbreviation

Marex Spectron

Platform registered country and region

United Kingdom

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Pyramid scheme complaint


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Previous Detection : 2023-12-05
  • It has been verified that this broker has been disclosed by National Futures Association. Please be aware of risks!
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Pyramid scheme complaint
Unable to withdraw


After causing forced liquidation, the platform gave no access to withdrawal. Huge amount of fund was doomed.

2020-04-08 17:32
Unable to withdraw

Qiuchen Meng's fraud plateform of MAREX

I was invited into a stock group I don’t know by whom in June,which was a QQ group names “Yipinhong”.A teacher named Qiuchen Meng taught us freely.Her name of live broadcast was:Yipinhong.There are five teachers in it including Qiuchen Meng,Yihong Wang,Gang Yang,Zongyao Chen and Shouyi Zhu.Meng said they were competing and told us to vote on her.Sometimes she could win several hundred thousand USD within several minutes by operating DJI directly.She said she has great funds and has set the price of take profit and stop loss and controlled the position,as well as she has a senior fellow apprentice who has a dedicated research team in doing stocks for over 20 years.With high profits and accuracy,they could beat the market by 80%.So I listened to them and watched their operation.It’s said that it only enrolls 88 people annually.Celebrities can operate stock&ETF and DJI,etc.The so-called attendance depends on attendance rate and doing homework.Only good performers can they join.During that time,two person contacts me everyday and supervise my study and attendance,as well as gives me an AD card.The two person are namely Jason who has changed his name.Under their so-called supervision and concern,as well as the encouragement of Meng,who recommeds us a service manager ZhenLi.She said the manager will serve us specially.Now she recommends us to open an account.So I opened an account on 12nd,June and operated with the guide of Zhenli.During 13rd and 21st in June,I collected for 101,600 USD and deposited in it.I was not allowed to operate by myself to pay to the private account (including Pingping Xiong,Zhiwei Zuo and Chunyan Yuan).The so-called captain will group according to the amount of money each of us deposited in.At first there a person names Duoxing Zhe, who is the the senior fellow apprentice of Meng and said to be best.And the person with operation is named Jianglong Guo maybe Xinlong.I followed him and earned more than RMB 100 thousand.They continued asking me add funds since I didn’t put too much in at beginning and promised to upgrade my group,thus earning more within more operations.I was woolly-minded so I raised money everywhere and deposited over RMB 700 thousand totally.On Friday, June 21st,Meng said the lesson would pause and operate completely in next week,as well as told us to talk about operation with our captain.I haven’t operated and received no notifications during 21st to 28th .They said person with great funds are operating and those who with less funds will not be notified if the market is unhealthy.I wanted to withdraw my money on 27th,but it hasn’t been to the account yet for 3 days.I felt something was wrong.The customer service told me to wait for 3 days at the latest patiently.I withdrawed other funds,but all of which was under cash collector’s confirmation and was unavailable.I contacted all people on 28th,June and nobody responded.Then I knew I have been cheated.

2019-07-25 04:07

Marex Spectron · Company Summary

Registered Country/Region United Kingdom
Regulation FCA
Founded Date 2005
Products & Services Commodities, Financial Futures, Options and Foreign Exchange, high value add services in Market Making, Execution and Clearing, Hedging and Investment Solutions, Price Discovery and Data & Advisory.
Trading Platform desktop and mobile applications
Minimum Deposit N/A
Spreads N/A
Payment Methods N/A
Customer Support Phone & Email Support

General Information

Marex Financial started in 2005 as an independent derivatives and forex broker providing trading in commodities, Financial futures, options and foreign exchange, established by the Marathon Special Opportunity Master Fund Limited which is managed by Marathon Asset Management after its former parent REFCo collapsed in 2005. In February 2010, Hedge fund JRJ Group took a 74% stake and executive control appointing a number of former Lehman Brothers bankers to its broad to help expand business.

In May 2021, Marex Financial completed its acquisition of Spectron Group, a broker of wholesale energy and other commodity products when the company was renamed Marex Spectron International Limited. On April 1, 2021, the company changed its name to Marex.

Marex Spectron offers market instruments in various sectors, including agriculture, energy, environmental, metals, and financial markets. These instruments enable participants to engage in trading and hedging activities related to commodities and financial products. Marex Spectron operates several trading platforms, including Neon, Agile, and Nanolytics, providing users with customized trading experiences, risk management tools, and market insights. However, users should exercise caution due to the reported concerns and negative experiences associated with the institution.

Marex Spectron provides services such as market making, commercial hedging, price discovery, and data & advisory services. These services cater to clients' needs in accessing liquidity, managing risk, and gaining market insights. The institution offers customer support through its global network of offices and can be contacted via phone and email. However, based on user reviews on WikiFX, there have been complaints regarding withdrawal issues, unresponsiveness from customer service, and allegations of fraudulent activities. These factors highlight potential risks and should be taken into consideration when dealing with Marex Spectron.


Is Marex Spectron Legit?

Marex Spectron is a regulated institution in both the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. In the United Kingdom, it is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under license number 193027, with an effective date of December 1, 2001. The institution is licensed as Marex Spectron International Limited and operates with an Investment Advisory License. The address of the licensed institution is Level Five, 155 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3TQ, United Kingdom.

In Hong Kong, Marex Spectron operates as Marex Hong Kong Limited and is regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) under license number AWH257. The effective date of regulation is January 28, 2011. The address of the licensed institution in Hong Kong is Unit 1107 ICBC Tower, 3 Garden Road, Central.

However, it's worth noting that there are some concerns associated with Marex Spectron. According to the information provided, it has exceeded its business scope regulated by both the United Kingdom FCA and the United States National Futures Association (NFA). Additionally, there have been negative field survey reviews and complaints received by WikiFX. These factors indicate potential risks, and users should exercise caution when dealing with this institution.




Products & Services

Marex connects clients to global energy, metals, agricuture and financial markets. Across its businesses, Marex provides high value add services in Market Making, Execution and Clearing, Hedging and Investment Solutions, Price Discovery and Data & Advisory. Marex Financial provide s trading services on Commodities, Financial Futures, Options and Foreign Exchange.

Agriculture: Marex Spectron offers market instruments in various agricultural commodities such as Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Dairy, Forestry, Grains & Oilseeds, Livestock, and Sugar. These instruments enable market participants to engage in trading and hedging activities related to agricultural products.

Energy: The energy market instruments provided by Marex Spectron encompass a range of commodities, including Biofuels, Coal, Energy & Utility Options, Freight & Shipping, Natural Gas, Oil & Oil Products, and Power. These instruments allow participants to access and trade energy products, manage risk, and take advantage of market opportunities.

Environmental: Within the environmental market, Marex Spectron offers instruments related to Biofuels, Environmental Consulting Services, US & European Emissions, and US RECs & SRECs. These instruments enable participants to participate in environmental markets, comply with regulations, and manage their environmental footprint.

Metals: Market instruments in Metals offered by Marex Spectron cover Base Metals, Ferrous Metals, and Precious Metals. These instruments provide participants with exposure to the metals market, allowing them to trade, hedge, and manage risk in these commodities.

Financial: Marex Spectron provides market instruments in the Financial sector, including Equities, Fixed Income, and Foreign Exchange. These instruments enable participants to access and trade financial products, manage their investment portfolios, and engage in currency trading.

Foreign Exchange: Marex Spectron offers direct market access (DMA) to foreign exchange liquidity outlets from various market makers, top-tier banks, and FX liquidity providers. This broad access allows participants to engage in foreign exchange trading, regardless of the transaction size, making it a powerful choice for market participants.

Pros Cons
Wide range of market instruments in various agricultural commodities, energy products, environmental markets, metals, and financial sectors. Potential market risks associated with trading and hedging activities.
Opportunities to manage risk and take advantage of market opportunities in the energy and metals markets. Compliance with regulations and managing environmental footprint in the environmental market may be challenging.
Access to foreign exchange liquidity outlets for foreign exchange trading, providing flexibility for market participants. Potential volatility and risks involved in financial markets, including equities and fixed income.
Market instruments enable participants to engage in trading, hedging, and managing risk in agricultural commodities, providing exposure to this market. Potential complexities and challenges in currency trading and managing investment portfolios in the financial sector.


Market Making:

Marex Spectron operates a Market Making business that facilitates direct liquidity provision to clients in the energy, metals, and agriculture markets. With a global presence and specialized expertise, Marex, along with its divisions CSC Commodities and Tangent Trading, connects buyers and sellers in opaque and non-commoditized markets. The company's comprehensive understanding of product lifecycles enables the identification of arbitrage opportunities across different products.

Commercial Hedging:

Marex Spectron offers institutional clients a range of hedging solutions, bespoke investment products, and white-labeled hedging services. Leveraging derivatives-based hedging solutions, both on and off exchange, Marex provides risk management options. The company operates one of the largest liquidity hubs for OTC and listed contracts in major commodity derivative markets worldwide, offering comprehensive clearing services to the global trading community. Marex's hedging solutions enable clients to manage commodity price risk and monitor the hedge effectiveness of their portfolios.

Price Discovery:

Marex Spectron's Price Discovery business plays a vital role in providing essential liquidity to clients in the opaque OTC energy markets. With notable positions in key markets such as EU fuel, German Power, UK Gas, US Petrochems, US Biofuel, US Renewables, and Asian LPG, the company facilitates connections between buyers and sellers. Marex's multi-leg, multi-product, and multi-client price discovery capabilities across energy markets make it a trusted partner for those involved in physical and financial energy product trading. By offering deep liquidity pools and linking related liquidity pools, Marex enhances price discovery.

Data & Advisory:

As a provider of liquidity and essential services to a diverse client base, Marex Spectron leverages its position to gather and analyze extensive amounts of data. Through its client portal, Neon, the company delivers data, insights, analysis, and electronic execution services. Additionally, Marex offers subscription-based services that provide energy price discovery data and specialized market insights. With its leading position in core markets, Marex offers clients unparalleled access to valuable insights, data, commentary, and analysis through Neon and tailored packages. By employing advanced modeling techniques, in-depth market knowledge, and collaborative partnerships with academia, Marex remains at the forefront of the industry in data and advisory services.


Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Provides direct liquidity provision to clients Limited information on competitive advantages
Specialized expertise in energy, metals, and agriculture Lack of information on attractive features
Identifies arbitrage opportunities across different products Limited information on flexibility and convenience
Operates one of the largest liquidity hubs for contracts Limited information on price discovery capabilities
Enhances price discovery Limited information on data and analysis services
Provides valuable insights, data, and market commentary Limited information on collaborative partnerships

Trading Platform Available of Marex

Neon: Marex Spectron offers a suite of trading applications under the Neon platform, available for both mobile and desktop devices. Neon provides comprehensive trading solutions, including risk management, market data, and insights for global commodities markets. With a focus on customization, Neon allows users to tailor their trading experience and receive notifications based on their specific market interests. The platform provides a true cross-platform experience, allowing users to access their insights and portfolio from any device.


Agile: Designed to cater to commodity hedging portfolios, Agile is a full-service platform offered by Marex. Built with cutting-edge technology, Agile can control over hedge effectiveness analysis. The platform provides users with industry-standard connectors, such as API connectors and FIX connectivity, to enhance their trading capabilities. By empowering users to manage their analysis, Agile enables a more informed decision-making process.


Nanolytics: Recognized as an industry-leading analytics solution, Nanolytics leverages big data and machine learning techniques to generate unique market insights. By analyzing billions of data points across futures and options markets, Nanolytics offers clients a comprehensive view of market trends and patterns. The platform's quantitative methodology provides consistent estimates across major exchanges, enabling users to develop risk management strategies. Nanolytics' innovative approach has earned Marex accolades, including the Commodity Research House of the Year award in the 2014 Energy Risk Awards.

Pros Cons
Neon platform offers comprehensive trading solutions Some users reported technical issues with the platform
Customization options for tailored trading experience Limited availability of platform tutorials and support
Agile platform can control in hedge effectiveness analysis Complexity of API connectors and FIX connectivity
Nanolytics generates unique market insights using big data and machine learning Lack of user-friendly interface for beginners
Quantitative methodology enables consistent estimates Some users experienced delays in receiving market insights
Cross-platform accessibility for trading on any device Limited availability of training resources

Trading Tools

  1. News & Updates: Marex Spectron provides a comprehensive platform for accessing the latest news and updates relevant to trading. This tool keeps traders informed about the most recent developments in the commodities markets. The news section covers a wide range of topics, including corporate news, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) updates, courses, events, podcasts, and videos. By offering a diverse array of information,


2. Neon Insights: Neon Insights is a powerful tool offered by Marex Spectron that provides world-class market insights and commentary. Traders can rely on Neon Insights to access market-leading analysis and expert opinions across various sectors, such as energy, metals, commodities, and financial markets. The tool offers a personalized home page that can be tailored to focus on specific markets and products of interest to individual traders. Whether traders are using a desktop, mobile, or tablet, Neon Insights is designed to provide seamless access to valuable information wherever they are.

Introducing Insights Premium Channels: Insights Premium Channels is an additional feature within Neon Insights that delivers unparalleled commentary from Marex's desks and external specialists. These premium channels include Asia Metals Outlook, Marex Cash Equities, Macro Technical Analysis, Global Marex Metals, Commodity Index Insights, and Ags Insights. Each channel provides specialized insights and intelligence in their respective areas, offering traders a deeper understanding of specific markets. Marex Spectron's dedication to providing in-depth analysis through these premium channels allows traders to stay ahead in their trading strategies.

Pros Cons
Comprehensive platform for accessing news and updates Potential overload of information
Covers a wide range of topics in the news section Lack of user-friendly organization
Provides world-class market insights and commentary Limited customization options for Neon Insights
Personalized home page for tailored focus Some traders may prefer alternative analysis sources
Premium channels may require additional fees

Customer Support

Marex Spectron, a globally diversified financial services platform, boasts a wide network of more than 30 offices across Europe, North America, and Asia. With a strong presence in major markets, Marex ensures that customer support is readily available 24 hours a day.

The Marex Group Head Office is located in London, at Level Five, 155 Bishopsgate, EC2M 3TQ. They can be contacted via telephone at +44 (0)20 7655 6000 or fax at +44 (0)20 7655 6024. In addition to the head office, Marex has offices in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Dublin, Paris, Rotterdam, and Versailles.

Marex provides customer support for its various divisions, catering to the diverse needs of its clients. Starsupply Petroleum Europe B.V, Tangent Trading Ltd, Arfinco S.A., and Volcap Trading Limited are some of the divisions that offer specialized services. Each division has its own contact details and websites for further information.

To get in touch with Marex Spectron's general inquiries, you can contact them at +44 (0)20 7655 6000 or reach out via email. For specific departments, Nicola Ratchford, the Global Head of Corporate Affairs, can be contacted via email or LinkedIn at +44 (0)20 7856 4598. For investor relations, an email address is provided. Recruitment inquiries can be made through email, and the company secretary can be reached at +44 (0)20 7655 6000.

Marex Spectron can be contacted through the designated email address for customer care and complaints, which is or

In addition to direct contact methods, Marex Spectron maintains an online presence on various social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, where clients can stay updated with the company's news and developments.



According to the reviews on WikiFX, there are several negative experiences reported by users regarding Marex Spectron. Some reviewers complained about being unable to withdraw their funds, with their withdrawal requests stuck in the audit process for an extended period of time. One user expressed frustration with the platform's customer service, stating that they were unable to reach anyone and felt ignored. Another user accused Marex Spectron of being a scam and manipulating spreads during trading, resulting in substantial losses. One reviewer mentioned that the platform became inaccessible, making it impossible to access their deposited funds. Additionally, there were allegations of fraudulent activities and involvement in a pyramid scheme, with a specific user sharing their personal experience of being deceived and losing a significant amount of money. These reviews highlight issues related to withdrawals, unresponsiveness from customer service, and potential fraudulent practices reported by some users on the WikiFX platform.



In conclusion, Marex Spectron is a regulated financial institution in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong, offering market instruments in various sectors such as agriculture, energy, environmental, metals, and financial markets. However, there are certain concerns associated with Marex Spectron. The institution has exceeded its business scope regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and the National Futures Association (NFA) in the US. Negative field survey reviews and complaints received by WikiFX also indicate potential risks. Users should exercise caution when dealing with Marex Spectron, particularly regarding withdrawals, customer service responsiveness, and allegations of fraudulent activities reported by some users.


Q: Is Marex Spectron a regulated institution?

A: Yes, Marex Spectron is regulated in both the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

Q: What licenses does Marex Spectron hold?

A: Marex Spectron holds licenses for market making and investment advisory in the United Kingdom, and futures contracts in Hong Kong.

Q: What are the potential risks associated with Marex Spectron?

A: Marex Spectron has exceeded its business scope regulated by authorities and has received complaints, indicating potential risks.

Q: What market instruments does Marex Spectron offer?

A: Marex Spectron offers market instruments in agriculture, energy, environmental, metals, financial, and foreign exchange markets.

Q: What trading platforms does Marex Spectron provide?

A: Marex Spectron offers the Neon and Agile platforms for trading and risk management.

Q: How can I contact Marex Spectron?

A: You can contact Marex Spectron via phone, email, or through their various office locations worldwide.

Q: What are some common concerns raised about Marex Spectron?

A: Concerns include withdrawal issues, unresponsive customer service, and allegations of fraudulent activities reported by some users on WikiFX.


Marex Expands into Asia Pacific by Joining SGX

NewsMarex Expands into Asia Pacific by Joining SGX

2023-10-30 15:34

Marex, the commodities brokerage firm, has significantly expanded its presence in the Asia Pacific region, enhancing its ability to offer direct trading and clearing services to clients in key markets through its membership in the Singapore Exchange Group (SGX), while simultaneously making notable inroads into the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

2023-10-30 15:34
Marex Expands into Asia Pacific by Joining SGX
WikiFX Review: Something You Need to Know Marex Spectron

ExposureWikiFX Review: Something You Need to Know Marex Spectron

2023-10-23 18:10

This article is about to give you a comprehensive understanding of a broker called Marex Spectron. We analyze this broker based on various aspects, and you should not miss it.

2023-10-23 18:10
WikiFX Review: Something You Need to Know Marex Spectron
NFA Orders Introducing Broker Marex to Pay a $250,000 Fine

NewsNFA Orders Introducing Broker Marex to Pay a $250,000 Fine

2022-03-31 15:53

The decision is based on a complaint by the BCC and an offer by Marex. The company allegedly allowed unregistered individuals to act as associated persons.

2022-03-31 15:53
NFA Orders Introducing Broker Marex to Pay a $250,000 Fine

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Agustinus Revelle Sitorus
more than one year
MarexSpectron is a scammer, they present themselves as a great currency exchange company, their sole purpose is to defraud you out of your money. It claims to be indeed regulated by the FCA, but it is not, otherwise how could it scam so many people out of their money?
2022-11-23 10:08
more than one year
Before I start trading with this broker, I mean, seriously, I checked out some reviews from real customers to see whether this broker is worthy trading with. Disappointingly, plenty of negative reviews, saying this broker has serious withdrawal problems… its customer support also poor, with the minimum investment amount unknown to all. My advice is just staying away it.
2022-11-21 09:44
more than one year
Hello to all traders! Marex Spectron is a broker scam. I request for a withdrawal but they doesn't pay me.
2022-11-15 16:57

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This broker is disclosed by National Futures Association. Please be aware of risks.

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